Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

What vaccinations are required?

  • Rabies – Dogs are required by law to be vaccinated against this virus as it can be spread to humans.
  • DHPP (DHLPP) (also called distemper)
  • Bordetella

What happens at new customer orientation?

When you bring your pup to Hound Around Resort for the first time, we check you in at the front desk, review your completed application form along with vaccine records, then one of our highly trained staff members will take your dog into our play areas where your dog will be integrated into the playgroup.  You do not stay during the evaluation process, but can watch your pup play on our live WEBCAMS.

What is a typical day at Hound Around?

It’s all about having FUN!  While attending daycare your pups are free to roam and play in our supervised indoor/outdoor play areas for the entire day with the exception of a one hour mid-day break to relax or eat lunch/treats.  Medications if required will also be given at this time.

For our boarding guests their day starts bright and early with a 6:00 am rise and shine!  The pups are all taken outside for their potty break and then it’s off to breakfast.  Once all pups have had ample time to relieve themselves breakfast and medications (if needed) are served.  The boarding pups join the playgroup fun from 8:30 am until the hour mid-day break.  After break all pups are back at play until 5:00pm when they come in for dinner and medications (if needed).  After the stomachs settle our furry friends are let outside for another couple hours of play before being tucked into bed for the night.

What do I need to bring for doggie daycare?

Lunch or treats for break time.  For safety reasons all dogs must remain leashed upon entering Hound Around Resort, a snap on/off collar must be worn at all times in our play areas.  We do not allow harnesses or spiked collars.

What do I need to bring for overnight boarding?

  • Food:  You can either prepackage your pup’s food or bring it in a baggie or we have measuring cups to correctly portion your pup’s meals if you would like.  We also have a refrigerator for wet or special blend meals.
  • Treats:  If you would like for your pup to have treats or chew bones please bring them with you.  Due to allergies and/or other medical issues it is our policy that we do not give any of our guests treats unless they are provided by the owner.
  • Toys:  If you pup has a favorite toy please feel free to bring it along.  We do ask that you limit the number of toys that you pack.
  • Bedding:    Hound Around Resort will provide a cot and bedding to each of our guests.  For sanitary reasons we ask that you DO NOT send beds or large blankets with your pup.
  • Medication:  Please do not forget to send medications or supplements with your pup while boarding.  We will have you fill out a medication form to ensure all instructions are clear to ensure your dog is given the correct dosage at the correct time. 

What if I have an older or special needs pup?

At Hound Around Resort we understand that not all pups want or need to play all day or for some at all.  For young puppies and the elderly we take special precautions to make sure they are getting the appropriate breaks and rest times throughout the day.  If you have a pup that has an injury or recent medical procedure that prevents them from entering the playgroup our staff is happy to take them out on a leash to ensure their safety.  If your dog does not get along with other pups, we do accept them for boarding but they will be put on rotate from all the others and only have interaction with the staff.  Rotate pups get ample playtime while the others are on break.

What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is an infectious bronchitis, most recognized by a harsh and hacking cough.  Kennel cough is a highly contagious inflammation of the trachea and bronchial tree. It typically comes to an end on its own, but ask your veterinarian, as they may want to administer antibiotics to speed up the recovery process.  The bordetella vaccination is given to lessen the chances of your dog contracting kennel cough, but other bacteria and viruses, including the parainfluenza virus, can cause kennel cough even if your pup is vaccinated.  Keep in mind that some dogs show no symptoms of kennel cough and can be carriers and pass the virus on to others as well.

What happens if there is an incident between two dogs?

At Hound Around Resort we strive to create a safe environment for all our pups but also acknowledge that not every dog will get along.  Our team is highly trained to understand dog body language, and if we see that someone is becoming agitated or showing signs of aggression, we immediately remove them from the situation before it can escalate.

Do dogs ever get hurt?

Yes, on occasion a pup will get hurt…most times a small injury resulting from rough play.  Dog play usually consists of chasing each other around and using their paws and mouths to engage with one another, which can cause a puncture due to sharp nails or accidentally mouthing too hard.

What happens if my dog does get hurt?

At Hound Around Resort we take any injury very seriously.  All incidents big or small are recorded and kept on file.  All wounds are evaluated immediately!  If the wound is small we will clean it, for larger wounds the owner will be contacted to direct us how to handle the situation.  All owners are notified upon pickup of any incident report recorded.  Please keep in mind that some of the pups are playing all day and rarely come to the staff for attention, so there is the possibility that a small wound may go unnoticed. 

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